About Us


We approach every project collaboratively to co-create with each client throughout the different stages of the project, looking for a customized solution for the owner, the site, and future users.

Our aim at AG General Contractor is to bring value to all our projects through precise analysis and well-executed design and construction.

Our proprietary process allows us to integrate the project’s systems and constant control of cost, time, and quality.

“”We have always done it this way””

Is the most expensive and

dangerous phrase in our business


Founded in the 80’s in Chile by Pablo Allamand and Guillermo Gaona as an Architectural Firm.

AG General Contractor LLC, is part of a larger Group of Businesses related to Real Estate development and own projects in Chile and in the United States.

This group has, in the US,  migrated from the passive Real Estate investment to the complete development of residential projects, both for high-end users, as well as Affordable housing buildings.

Today, AG General Contractor LLC is dedicated to the various types of residential construction in South Florida, both owned by our sibling company, and their party clients, who look for full Design-Build services that utilize the 3D BIM model.

About the General Contractor

Pablo is a Chilean Architect/Developer/Builder and FL Certified General Contractor with more than 10,000,000 sf of projects developed and built experience.

In South Florida, he has been building High-End residences, waterfront, and inland.

His background as an architect is a game-changer in the construction industry, establishing a fluid relationship with the Architects on record of the projects before and during the construction period.



BIM modeling is our main tool and it enables everyone involved in a project to simulate their work in a 3D virtual environment. Plans are tested, and potential design clashes are resolved before any actual construction or fabrication is done.